EnviroGard offers patented, state of the art Propane and Natural Gas Fuel Systems and Engines to leading OEMs in the Outdoor Power Equipment, Construction, Cleaning, and Mining Industries. EnviroGard application engineers assist OEMs by co-developing application specific propane conversion kits for Dealer installed conversions. Additionally, EnviroGard offers propane fueled engines from 6.5hp through 37hp. For more information on how EnviroGard can help you make the switch to alternative fuels please contact us.

Propane Engines

Each EnviroGard Fuel System is tested in an independent emissions laboratory and meets the most stringent EPA emissions levels. EnviroGard is proud to offer more certified propane fuel systems than other any manufacturer.


Propane Conversion Kits

EnviroGard Propane Fuel System Conversion Kits allow gasoline engines to operate on propane. EnviroGard does significant dynamometer testing of its conversion kits installed on gasoline engines to ensure peak optimal performance, balancing out horsepower and torque with reduced emissions and increased fuel economy. The result is that converted gasoline engines provide the same performance characteristics as they did prior to conversion.

OEM Solutions

EnviroGard works with both OEMs and trained servicing dealers on the installation of its EnviroGard Fuel Systems. You can be confident that your EnviroGard Fuel System, whether installed at the factory or your local dealer, will perform great each and every time.


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